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About the Opportunity

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See who we are, what we do, how we do it, AND HOW WE GET PAID!

Take a journey through TMG's background and see how you can live your life's purpose by selling Final Expense Life Insurance at TMG.


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Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company® has been the leader in agent produced final expense life insurance for over 55 years. Lincoln Heritage is still family owned and operated today. With over 1 million policyholders, we are the largest final expense company in the nation with the strongest final expense agent force.

Why Agents Choose Us

Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company® has been the national leader of agent produced final expense life insurance for most of our 50+ years in business. This is only possible because of the incredible agents we work with every day.

Why Agents Choose Us (3)

We are very excited to say that in the first 9 months of our first full year that The Chambers Group has exceeded $1,000,000 in annual premiums for 2020!

Three of our business partners have exceeded $100,000 in income in their first full year!

Why Agents Choose Us (1)

Watch as Troy Miles, founder of The Miles Group, shares his amazing journey from car salesman to millionaire in just a few short years.



"ONE VISION" - This vision is built on trust, loyalty, the collective effort of ideas, and a transparent open door policy. We are all about growth!


With over 500 agents across Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia, Indiana, Ohio and Florida, TMG is continuously raising the bar.


10+ years of offering agents—and their families—a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to build an empire of wealth with no substantial upfront financial investment.

Meet The Team

Congratulations Six-Figure Earners!

2020 6-Figure Income Ring Earners

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Brandy Maxwell (2)

Brandy Maxwell

From her clients to business partners, Brandy has a passion for helping others. Hear how she has taken full advantage of this opportunity and is building her own million dollar agency in just 2 1/2 short years. 

Click below to find out how you can join this fast growing agency, Inspire Legacy Group, and other six figure partners… 

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Bradley Gouwens

It is hard to believe that less than a year ago Bradley G had no plans of being in the insurance industry.

It wasn't until May of 2020 that Bradley obtained his insurance license and joined The Chambers Group.

In the short time since then he has quickly become one of the top insurance producers in the nation.

Bradley is proving each day that with the right work ethic and more importantly, the right mindset, that anyone can succeed in this business.

In just 8 short months and with the unwavering support of his wife Sarah, Bradley is already providing a lifestyle for his family that he was not previously able to do.

Bradley's story is an absolute must-watch!

Interested in talking to Bradley and joining his team? Click on the link below.

Brandy Maxwell (2)

Diane Hites

Since joining The Chambers Group and Lincoln Heritage in December of 2018 few agents in the country have achieved the levels of success that Diane has.

Not only did she far exceed the financial goal that she had set for herself by earning her 6-figure income ring, she finished 2020 the 9th ranked producing agent in the entire nation.

Diane is now at a place in her life and in her business where she is showing others what this opportunity can do for them and their family.

Diane is actively seeking business partners in Indiana, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

Click on the link below to set up your time to talk directly with Diane about this life changing opportunity.

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The Chambers Group is a very proud partner of The Miles Group, one of the TOP PRODUCING final expense agencies in the nation

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Troy Miles started with only a handful of agents and from there developed the TMG “One Vision” mantra. This vision is built on trust, loyalty, collaboration, and transparency. It was this vision that helped The Miles Group quickly become its own brand, which lead to many production records within the final expense industry.


Watch as Troy Miles, founder of The Miles Group, shares his amazing journey from car salesman to millionaire in just a few short years.

Let's Talk

Lets Talk

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No License? NO PROBLEM!

Let us help you through the process

We will be there to provide the support needed to get you through the state licensing process. It starts by registering for your pre-licensing course. Use the link on the right to get our exclusive discount code. We also offer free tutoring to those who need additional support as your test date approaches.


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